Hand Push Corn Sowing Machine Application Notes


    Precautions for the use of the seedling throwing cup of the medicinal transplanter

       hand push corn sowing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for planting medicinal materials. Its use solves the problem of planting medicinal materials, greatly improves the survival rate of seedlings, and reduces personnel input. In the past, manual excavation and planting were generally used. When operated by one person, the planting efficiency will be greatly reduced, time-consuming and laborious, and the planting efficiency of seedlings is low. The emergence of medicinal material transplanting machines solved the problem of low efficiency of medicinal seedlings. The equipment has the advantage of high planting efficiency.

    On the basis of the new model, in order to solve the above technical problems, the following solutions are proposed: the transplanter includes a feeding tube, the lower part of the feeding tube includes a connecting tube and a lower pressing tube, and the upper end of the connecting tube is fixedly connected with the bottom end of the seedling tube. The upper end of the pressing cylinder is fixedly connected with the bottom end of the connecting cylinder.

    Precautions for the use of the seedling throwing cup in the    medicinal material transplanter

    The function of the    seedling throwing cup is to put the transplanted new seedlings input by manual or mechanical hand into the seedling receiving cup at a specified time to complete the action of throwing and receiving seedlings, and provide conditions for the seedlings. However, due to regulatory factors or mechanical reasons, when the seedling receiving cup rises to the seedling receiving position, the seedling receiving cup cannot be opened in time, resulting in the failure of the seedling receiving.

    The lower part of the low-pressure cylinder of the vegetable transplanter includes an opening and closing arc plate, a fixed block, a support rod, a low-pressure groove, a low-pressure column, a limit plate, an empty groove and a return spring. The lower part of the outer surface of the low pressure cylinder is fixedly connected with the limit ring, each fixed block is fixed on the outer surface of each opening and closing arc plate, the support rod is fixed in the fixed block, and each low pressure groove is respectively set in the opening and closing arc plate. On the inner wall, each low-pressure column is located in the low-pressure groove, the upper edge of each low-pressure column extends to the inside of the low-pressure cylinder, the limit plate is fixedly installed on the bottom surface of the limit ring, the limit plate is arranged in a ring shape, and each slot They are respectively set on one side of the limit plate. The upper edge of each support rod shall be fixed and hinged with the inside of the hollow slot by a pin.