How Does The Manual Planter Machine Work?


      manual planter machine is used to grow onions. Support the spinal membrane at the designated position so that onion seedlings can be transplanted correctly and facilitate onion transplantation.

       Usually, onions sprout in the plate. When the onions grow to a certain size, they will be replanted in the plantation for planting. Onion seedlings grown to a certain size in trays can be moved with the help of an onion transplanter and planted on the ridge of the plantation. Seed conveyors are divided into walking type and walking type. Walking refers to the form adopted when the user is riding on the transplanting machine to transplant onions. The walking style refers to the form in which the user transplants onions while walking on the ground. Only the transplanter itself walks with the built-in drive source.

      The transplanter in the form of seed transportation is equipped with a driver's seat. Therefore, it can be seen that the machine is moving. The seed carrier may include: a pair of walking wheels, which rotate according to the power of the engine; an auxiliary wheel is arranged in front of the walking wheels to guide walking.

      vegetable seed sowing machine uses walking wheels and auxiliary wheels to carry seeds, walks on ridges and ditches through walking wheels and auxiliary wheels, and transplants onion seedlings to the ridges. The ridges used to transplant onion seedlings are covered with plastic. In addition, in the transplanting machine, the transplanting of onion seedlings is realized by moving the transplanting cup up and down. The transplanting cup is composed of a pair of parts. After the seedling cup breaks through the plastic film and enters the ground at a prescribed depth, unfold the lower end of the seedling cup to make the onion seedling fall from the ground and the seedling cup rises upward.