The Process of Writing

  • The process of writing is a written representation of an act of thinking. Writing develops critical thinking skills, and critical thinking skills in turn help to improve writing. The process of writing is specific and very personal for everyone because a person expresses his or her thoughts and ideas in a written form, considering grammar rules, a certain style, format, etc. My writing process is a constant battle that requires time, dedication, and long work.

    I start writing with questioning myself what am I going to write about, analyzing what I already know about my subject, and doing research for further information. I usually place my subject in the center and write down everything that comes to my mind. I can formulate numerous questions, and then try to answer all of them to find a thesis statement. The next step is to organize my ideas, write the conclusions, and revise the paper. As a rule, I do several revisions and editing of my work because it helps to improve the writing. Sometimes I manage to write well from the very beginning, so there is no need to do double work later by revising and rewriting the papers.

    However, it may at times be very hard to concentrate on the topic and generate good ideas. In such cases, I use planning to develop several points and combine them in the paper. It may also be difficult to provide the logical and effective review of the paper in its conclusion. In this regard, it is essential to keep in mind that to write well means to think clearly. Therefore, concentration throughout the process of writing is a key to success.

    In order to improve the outcomes, I always analyze my mistakes in the completed papers. As a rule, I use brainstorming, free writing, and outlining in my writing process. Besides, the more I read about some new writing strategies and use them practically the better results I have. The whole process of writing is constant studying, improvement of the skills, and enrichment of the knowledge. I like learning, that is why I try to do my best every time when I am involved in the process of writing.

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