What Is the WiFi Panel Antenna Used For?

  • A WiFi panel antenna is also known as a WiFi repeater. This device is used to allow you to use wireless internet for your laptop, notebook or even your mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It uses antennas to transmit signals from your computers or laptops to a WiFi hotspot or wireless connection point. There are different types of this device available in the market and these include the Wireless router, WiFi repeater, Portable antenna and the Airwolf. The Wireless router and the repeater have their own advantages but the airwolf is by far the best.

    Let us first look into the use of this device. Usually people use this type of a device to increase the strength of their signal to other areas and the best place to do this is at a central location. These devices also increase the network speed and if used in combination with a dedicated wireless router you can get an amazing data transfer rate. But the main use of this device is to get an alternate signal to receive in case there is no free place to use it.

    It has been observed that there are certain signals that are weak. These weak signals should not be ignored and should be strengthened so as to ensure smooth use of the system. For this, the location of the AP can also be changed, which will improve its effectiveness.

    The WiFi panel antenna also enhances the data transmission in a particular area. It works on the principle of the magnetism where the strong and weak electric fields are balanced in such a way that only the strong electric field is transmitted from the device. This device has two antenna wires which are fixed at a particular place in the house or the office. The wires are connected to a central station or router. In this case, the distance covered by these antennas will be greater as compared to the signals which are received from a single device.

    It has been observed that the efficiency of the WiFi system increases with the increase of the distance covered by the device. Thus, it is quite important to fix a central location where you will place the device. The location needs to be such that you will have maximum coverage of the network. One should also fix a good router, as this is one of the important devices which will ensure smooth use of the device. Other devices which are important in what is the wifi panel antennas used for is the access point, uplink and the mains.

    The wireless device also has an option of data backup, which will ensure you never face a situation when your data is lost. This backup ensures you are never disconnected from the internet. Other than these important functions, you need to check out how the device is working if you are still confused about the same. When you are done with the device, make sure you check the warranty information so that you can get assured of the protection of your investment.

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