Defects Of China Nut

    1. Caused by the mechanical equipment of Bolt Factory. For example, there is an eccentricity problem. This error is usually caused by a problem during the second installation, or by an error in the mechanical adjustment.

      2. Tilt the head. Encountering this situation is the most unacceptable. The main reason is that it cannot be adjusted when the die is first punched.

      3. The head is not round. This problem must be caused by a problem on the chip.
      4. Cracks and double layers, that is to say, due to poor work done during the forming process, cracks appear in both layers.
      5. There are burrs on the surface of the anchor bolts. This is because the gap of the die cannot be grasped well when the die is punched. If the head of the anchor bolt breaks, it means that we made a mistake in selecting the material.
        In the process of processing and production of anchor bolts, the problem of surface defects must be faced. When the surface defects of the bolts are found, the related reasons should be found and resolved. This can avoid problems on the surface of China Nut. Therefore, we must not ignore the small details in the production process. If the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging; if the position does not match, please use the bending method to correct it.