The Production Method Of Bolt Factory

  •   What is China Nut? As the name suggests, its thread is a triangular tooth shape, and its application is quite extensive. Even many customers will customize it according to their own occasions. But what should be paid attention to when customizing?

    The technicians of Risheng Fasteners said that when customizing triangular screws, customers need to clarify the product's tooth type, major diameter, middle diameter, minor diameter, number of threads, lead, and direction of rotation. Only these elements are consistent. Under the circumstances, the triangle screw can play its due role. Let’s talk about these elements in detail below:

      1. Thread profile: On the profile of the thread axis, the specific shape of the thread is the profile. The angle between two adjacent profile sides is also called the profile angle, and the general profile angle is sixty degrees.

    1. Major diameter, minor diameter and medium diameter. The major diameter refers to the conical surface where the top of the external thread of the triangle screw overlaps the bottom of the internal thread. As for the small diameter, it refers to the top of the internal thread and the external thread. The conical surface of the tooth bottom coincides with each other, and the pitch diameter is the distance between the major diameter and the minor diameter.

      3. The number of threads, this is easier to understand, the thread number of the triangular screw thread, but pay attention to distinguish the thread thread is single thread or multi thread.

      4. Lead, on the same thread line, the distance between the two points corresponding to the pitch diameter of two adjacent teeth is the lead, so the lead is closely related to the line and the pitch.

      5. Rotation direction, this refers to the direction that the triangular screw needs to be rotated in use. Standing and rotating in a clockwise direction is a screw thread, otherwise it is a left-hand thread.

       At present, the production of triangular screws has been standardized. The standardized production standards include metric and imperial systems. If customers want to customize, they need to determine various elements with Bolt Factory, and provide design drawings if necessary.