Comparison Of The Use Of China Nut

  • Salt water is great for swimming, but it presents a wide range of corrosion challenges for industry, from ships to desalination plants and even offshore oil. The good news is that several materials perform very well in these environments. This newsletter compares their salt water corrosion resistance and high strength capabilities.

    China Nut is the first choice for use under chloride and salt water conditions. Because it can quickly regenerate its passivation layer in the presence of oxygen, titanium is hardly affected by stagnant water. Monel ranks second and has extraordinary corrosion resistance to fast-moving salt water, which makes it the preferred solution for ships. Compared with titanium, the only disadvantage of Monel bolts is that they will appear pitting and cracking in stagnant water. When the salt water environment is polluted by other corrosive substances, AL6XN is also an excellent choice for them. AL6XN bolt is a good medium corrosion resistant alloy, which can handle medium acid applications that titanium cannot handle.

    Strength ability
    When it comes to strength, titanium bolts are again the key-but only grade 5 titanium, which is alloyed to increase strength (138 KSI). Age-hardened Monel K500 bolts are also preferred. Compared with its sister alloy Monel 400, Monel K500 (110 KSI) has higher strength. Another option is Super Duplex 2507 bolts (125 KSI UTS). Super Duplex is an alloy steel that not only has good strength, but also has the ability to resist chloride pitting, cracks and stress corrosion cracking. When moderate strength and chloride corrosion are required, super duplex bolts are the ideal choice—all at an economical price point.

    Bolt Factory reminds not to forget Hastelloy
    Although Hastelloy is usually used in extremely corrosive environments, it also acts as a salt water resistance. When other harmful pollutants such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid are present with salt water, Hastelloy bolts are the key. It is also ideal for high temperature applications.