Cancha Del Mar elevator issues appeared in NBA 2K22

  • Although some players have purchased NBA 2K22 MT to try to increase the gaming experience, there is still the Cancha Del Mar problem that has been plagued by players. Since its launch, NBA 2K22 has undergone a lot of updates to solve the problem, but for the current generation of players, a problem that has always existed is the elevator of the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship. An obvious problem with these elevators is that players cannot enter the different floors of Cancha Del Mar due to freezing during travel and server crashes. Players are very confused about what caused this problem and want developers to fix it quickly.

    NBA 2K22 elevator errors and server crashes are the most prominent problems in NBA 2K22 recently. When players enter the elevator and change the level, they will receive "Unable to connect to the server" or completely roll out this mode. But the developers have not solved it yet, and the players are very disappointed. Some players said that although he purchased NBA 2K22 MT in advance, it was frustrating to encounter this kind of error.

    However, the most recent patch actually only brought an update to The City, once again leaving current players behind. So what is the reason behind the elevator failure? One of the focus of the 2K team this year should be server issues, which currently seems to be only applicable to next-generation systems. Players have seen The City update, but what about Cancha Del Mar? No one wants to encounter this kind of problem while enjoying the benefits of having enough 2K22 MT.

    The NBA 2K22 server needs to work on current and next-generation systems, but this elevator bug makes the game almost impossible to play. Hope that there will be a patch update in the near future, specifically for the current generation of players on Cancha Del Mar. Currently, 2K has no news about the NBA 2K22 elevator repair. However, some players have found a solution to the problem. Go to the shopping mall, use the door at the end, and send spam A/X. Use the Gatorade facility elevator. Join through a game of friends who can enter the elevator. This is a method that players can use. As for whether they are effective, players need to verify it themselves. At the same time they can buy NBA 2K22 MT to make it easier in MyTeam mode.