Introduce The Functions Of The Universal Joint Manufacturer

  • As we all know, the universal joint manufacturer will face many difficulties in the process of manufacturing universal joints.

    There are many types of workpieces, and many types of universal joints are not efficient in the batch inspection; the detection scheme of traditional measuring tools has large human influence factors, and only the judgment is qualified, and accurate values ​​cannot be obtained; the cost of complex feature detection and programming is high and requires a lot of Programming time and professional operators, labor costs are high. Later there were all kinds of equipment.

    Parameterized interface, automatic detection: In the parameterized detection interface, you only need to enter different workpiece parameters and configurations to complete automatic measurement with one button, and the operation is simple. The programming package is suitable for different size workpieces, which greatly reduces the time and labor cost of programming and debugging.

    The customized graphic report, intelligent and intuitive: Obtain the parameter error evaluation algorithm recognized by authoritative and qualified institutions, and match the professional graphic report to make the detection more intelligent and intuitive.

    Therefore, technology has changed people's lifestyles, and the production of various precision universal joint is also more convenient and accurate.