Universal Joint Cross Inspection

  • The universal joint is a very important part of a car, it has many classifications, and the universal joint cross is one of them.

    There are many difficulties in the manufacturing process of universal joints. There are many types of workpieces, and many types of universal joints are not efficient in the batch inspection; the detection scheme of traditional measuring tools has large human influence factors, and only the judgment is qualified, and accurate values ​​cannot be obtained; the cost of complex feature detection and programming is high and requires a lot of Programming time and professional operators, labor costs are high.

    During the use of universal joints, we need to pay attention to frequently checking the sealing conditions of the intermediate support bearings, cross shaft bearings, and sliding splines, and replace the failed oil seals in time. Grease is often injected. To make the bearings of the universal joint fully lubricated, the lubricant must be squeezed out from the oil seal of each bearing. Lubricate the intermediate support bearing, and it should be extruded from the vent hole of the front bearing cover; always check the fastening bolts of the driveshaft and the supporting parts.

    Therefore, we need to regularly check and maintain the universal joints, and the process will be a little troublesome. Now some maintenance-free bearings can save a lot of time and energy.