Understand The Failure Of 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 Universal

  • The universal joint is very important as a part of the car. And we all know that there are many types and types of universal joints, including the 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 universal joint . So do you know the reason for the failure of the universal joint assembly?

    Oblique embossing occurs. When the total circumferential gap of the bearing in the universal joint cross shaft assembly is relatively large, the needle roller is prone to skew, which causes a certain angle of embossing between the journal and the axis of the cross shaft. Fatigue spalling, the radial gap between the cross shaft and the bearing is gradually enlarged due to wear, and the load appears to be concentrated. Fatigue indentation occurs where the load is relatively large, and finally, a large area of fatigue spalling occurs. Lack of oil ablation, improper or inadequate use of lubricating oil, resulting in excessively high temperature of the universal joint cross shaft assembly during use, causing seizure of bearings and journals, damaging needle rollers and sealing parts, etc., and ultimately causing the ring Ablation on the surface. If the inner universal joint is broken and running straight, a coughing sound will occur, and if the outer universal joint is broken, there will be a clicking sound when turning. In severe cases, the car will hang up and not leave.

    Therefore, whether it is a 5-280X PRECISION 334 universal joint or other, you need to pay attention to regular inspections.