Learn About The History Of Universal Joint Manufacturer And Uni

  • As one of the bearings, the universal joint can be regarded as a kind of part that we can often see, so now there are more and more universal joint manufacturer , and the development is getting better and better. So do you know the history of universal joints?

    The universal joint has a history of hundreds of years since it was invented and used. It is a type of coupling that allows a large angular displacement between two shafts. Generally, the maximum angle between the two shafts can reach 35°~45°. The angle of the shaft can be changed at any time during the transmission process. The biggest feature of the joint is that it has a large angle compensation ability. With its structural characteristics, the output shaft can also realize continuous rotation when the front and rear shafts have an axis angle, and can reliably transmit torque and movement. At the same time, the torque range transmitted by the universal joint is larger, and the maintenance is also more convenient.

    The above is the history of the universal joint. For more details, please visit the precision universal joint .