Transmission Output Of 5-280x Precision 334 Universal Joint

  • For universal joints, our most commonly used instant variable speed cross shaft universal joint, and the 5-280X PRECISION 334 universal joint is a subdivision of the variable speed cross shaft universal joint.

    In fact, the cross-shaft universal joint is the hole on the universal joint fork fixed on the two shafts, which is respectively sleeved on the four journals of the cross shaft. A needle roller and a sleeve are installed between the cross shaft journal and the universal joint fork hole, and the bolts with lock plates and the bearing cover are used for axial positioning. In order to lubricate the bearing, an oil passage is drilled in the cross shaft, which is communicated with a grease nipple and safety valve. When the universal joint is working, the power is input from the half shaft, through the ball fork, force transmission, ball pin, and finally output through the ball cage. The structure is relatively compact.

    In addition to cross-shaft universal joints, quasi-constant velocity universal joints and constant velocity universal joints are also universal joints. And these are only the general classification of universal joints. There are sub-categories under these three categories, such as the 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 universal joint , which is subdivided into the model of the universal joint.