The Structure And Function Of Custom Universal Joints

  • I believe that everyone is familiar with universal joints, so we will naturally know that there are many types and models of universal joints, and different models apply to different places. So at this time, custom universal joints played their role. It can quickly help you solve troubles, so you don't have to worry about choosing types and models.

    The structure and function of universal joints are a bit like joints on human limbs, which allow the angle between connected parts to vary within a certain range. To meet the power transmission, adapt to the angle change caused by the up and down jumps generated by the steering and the running of the car, the drive axle of the front-drive car, the half shaft, and the wheel axle are commonly connected by universal joints.

    Simply put, the universal joint is a slip knot. For example, the ordinary connection is a dead connection, and the two shafts cannot be switched after they are connected. The universal joint can be switched.

    The universal joint for truck is also suitable for automobiles and is used to connect automobile parts.