Ways to prolong the service life of drive shaft

  • The drive shaft is a device that transmits the engine power transmitted by the transmission to the drive axle. It is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint for truck. Different vehicles have different structures and drive shafts because of their different structures.

    For trucks, once the drive shaft fails, it will affect the power transmission. In such a situation, you can only pull over and wait for repairs. It can be seen that the drive shaft is a vital component for the truck. Once the drive shaft is damaged and needs to be replaced, the price is even more expensive. Therefore, what aspects should be paid attention to when using it to extend the life of the drive shaft.

    1. Don't start at high gear

    When the truck starts, it should be steady and slow, pay attention to the cooperation of the accelerator and clutch, and don't start with high gear. Although the speed of the drive shaft is slow when the car is just starting, the force is very large, and this force is more obvious when starting with a load. After the speed is really up, although the speed of the drive shaft is faster, the force on the drive shaft is much smaller than that at the start due to inertia. If you start too fast or start directly at high gears, it is easy to produce a sudden impact load on the drive shaft, causing mechanical damage and shortening the service life.

    1. Avoid overloading and overspeeding

    The drive shaft works like a human cart. The heavier and faster the cart, the more force it exerts. If the truck is over-speeding, it will inevitably cause the drive shaft to rotate at a high speed for a long time, accelerating the wear of other connecting components; such as overloading, it will definitely increase the force of the drive shaft, which may be deformed or even broken. At the same time, avoid slamming the direction on the spot, which will damage the universal joint.

    1. Frequently check and maintain the drive shaft

    Check whether the transmission shaft and each connection part are loose and whether the hanger is fastened and securely, check whether the transmission shaft is deformed, etc., if any problems are found, deal with them in time to prevent future troubles. At the same time, grease should be added to the universal joint cross bearing regularly to reduce the friction resistance and prolong the service life.

    1. If the transmission shaft fails, stop and check immediately

    If the drive shaft fails, it will generally produce abnormal noise when the vehicle starts or vibrate when driving. This abnormal noise and vibration will gradually become stronger as the speed increases. If driver friends encounter similar situations during driving, they should stop and check immediately while ensuring safety. Don't drive blindly by chance, causing greater damage to the drive shaft.

    As an important part of the truck, the reasonable use and maintenance of the drive shaft is very important, and it can even be said to be directly related to the interests of the owner. After all, a problem with the 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint affects the normal driving of the vehicle. It not only requires maintenance costs, but may also cause economic disputes because the goods cannot be delivered on time.