Fineness Adjustment Of Gasoline Log Splitter

  • Grinding fineness adjustment of wood flour machine

         The fineness adjustment of the wood flour machine is a technical problem. After adjusting the fineness of the wood shredder, the wood shredder can produce raw materials of the corresponding size for use. Especially suitable for the production of high-density raw materials, such as particle board and sawdust board. However, if the fineness of the wood flour machine is adjusted inappropriately, it will cause the wood flour machine to produce raw materials with a fineness that may not be needed. So how to adjust the fineness of the wood flour machine? Next, follow cnsuperpower Log Splitter manufacturers to find out.

          Fineness unit:

          To adjust the crushing fineness of the grinder, we must understand that the unit of fineness is "mesh", and the "mesh" of the wood flour machine is between 30 and 500. We can make adjustments within this range. The output of wood and the fineness of the grinder will be affected by the density of the material, so the density of the material must be considered when adjusting the fineness.

          Adjust the size of the fan regulator to control the fineness:

          The air volume is inversely proportional to the fineness. When the air volume is too small, the return nozzle of the wood mill is easy to spray powdery substances, and the required product fineness air volume can be obtained by adjusting the fly ash.

          Gasoline Log Splitter adjustment fineness analyzer:

          After loosening the bolts on the fineness analyzer, adjust upwards to increase fineness, and downwards to decrease fineness. After adjustment, fix the bolts. We can adjust the fineness according to the fineness analyzer.

          Adjust the blade along the axis:

          The squeegee can be adjusted in the left and right directions along the axis, and when the inclined squeegee is closer to the tapered surface, the fineness becomes smaller.

          In addition, increasing the test cover will reduce the color, and vice versa; reducing the number of blades in the host can also increase the fineness, usually reducing two to three of them. This method can also solve the phenomenon of powder spraying from the return nozzle.