Replacement Of Gasoline Log Splitter Hydraulic Oil

  •  The service life of the hydraulic oil of the wood chip machine of Log Splitter manufacturers is usually 4000~6000 hours, so the hydraulic oil needs to be changed about every two years or so. However, unlike engine oil and gear oil, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank of the wood chip machine is only about half of the total oil volume of the hydraulic system of the whole machine, and about half of the oil volume is in the pipelines, pumps, valves, cylinders and motors. If only the oil in the hydraulic oil tank is replaced, the result can only be a blend of old oil with new oil, so how can the hydraulic oil be replaced more thoroughly?
       1. After shutting down the electrical system and cutting off the power supply, wait for the oil temperature to decrease.
      2. Slowly loosen the air filter of the fuel filler flange assembly on the upper part of the oil tank of the chipper, reduce the air pressure stored in the oil tank, and remove the air filter.
      3. Prepare a container larger than 800L, and use an oil filter trolley to draw out the hydraulic oil through the air filter hole.
      4. Open the oil drain plug at the bottom of the wood chip machine oil tank to drain the remaining oil completely.
       5. Remove the flange of the fuel tank cleaning cover.
       6. Remove the oil suction hose and flange of the wood chip machine, and remove the oil suction filter.
      7. Thoroughly clean the inside of the fuel tank.
       8. Clean the oil suction filter and reinstall it.
    When replacing the hydraulic oil of the Gasoline Log Splitter, we must remember that we need to master the sequence of operation steps before and after it. Do not operate blindly. This is very helpful for our future use. Therefore, if we can timely If you master some skills and methods, you can avoid a lot of problems.