Adjustment Of Performance Built Log Splitter Flow

    1. Export throttling

       This is the most common and lowest cost flow adjustment method used for Performance Built Log Splitter. Usually, this method is limited to low to medium stump crushers. Partially closing any valve on the outlet pipe will increase the system pressure head, so the system pressure head curve will intersect the pile crusher pressure head curve at a smaller flow rate. The outlet throttle moves the operating point to a lower efficiency point, and power loss occurs at the throttle. This may be important for large stump crusher installations, and higher investment adjustment methods may be more economically attractive. Throttling to the dead center may cause the fluid in the crusher to overheat. You can use bypass to maintain the necessary minimum flow, or you can use other adjustment methods. This is very important for the above-mentioned crushers that handle hot water or volatile liquids.

    1. Intake throttle

       If you have enough NPSH, you can save some power by throttling the suction line. Since the outlet throttling can cause the liquid to overheat or vaporize, the disc stump crusher often uses the inlet throttling. At low flow rates, the impellers of these crushers are only partially filled with liquid. Therefore, when the outlet is throttled, the input power and temperature rise are about 1/30 of the entire working position of the impeller. The flow rate of the condensing crusher usually adopts the water injection depth. Control 7 is equivalent to inlet throttling. The special design can reduce the cavitation damage of these crushers to a negligible level, but the energy level has also become quite low.

    1. Bypass adjustment

       From the discharge pipe of the disc stump crusher, all or part of the flow can be diverted and lead to the suction inlet of the crusher or other suitable points through the bypass pipe. One or more flow holes and suitable control valves can be installed in the bypass. Metering bypass is usually used to reduce the flow of boiler feedwater crusher, mainly to prevent overheating. If you bypass the Log Splitter's excess flow to replace the outlet throttle, you can save a lot of power.

    1. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadjustment

       When using this method to adjust the flow, the required power can be minimized and overheating during the flow adjustment can be eliminated. Steam turbines and internal combustion engines can be easily adapted to speed regulation at very little additional cost. Various mechanical, electromagnetic, hydraulic variable speed equipment and DC and AC variable speed motors can be used to adjust the speed. Generally, variable-speed motors are too expensive, and adjustable blade adjustments can be used only when economic research is worthy of proof under special circumstances.