Adjustment Of Rapid Splitter's Fineness

  • Rapid Splitter fineness adjustment method:
    1 There is a fineness analyzer in the body of the garden branch shredder. After loosening the bolts on the analyzer, move upwards to increase the fineness and downwards to decrease the fineness, adjust to the fineness you need, and fix the bolts. produce.
    2 The machine is equipped with an air volume regulator, which can adjust the air volume. The air volume is large and the fineness is low, and the air volume is small and the fineness is high. It can be adjusted to the ideal fineness for continuous production.
    3 Fineness: 40-500 meshes can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the output and fineness vary according to the density of the material. Equipped with the main engine motor depends on the material and output.
    Log Splitter  features:
    1. Wide range of finished products;
    2. The comprehensive performance is strong, and the fineness of the finished product appears in two stages at the same time.
    Wood flour mill is another new product of our factory in the garden branch shredder market. This product can guarantee the standard rate of the finished product and solve the inconvenience caused by uneven fineness of the finished product. Standard stainless steel screen meshes are prepared internally. Arbitrary selection, standard, small footprint, convenient packaging, simple operation, and no dust pollution. It is an ideal powder making equipment.