Introduction To Chipper Shredder

  • The important part of Chipper Shredder is the knives, and the knives are also easy to wear, so the quality of the knives affects the production effect and service life of the wood shredder, so the wood splitter must choose high-quality knives. High-quality tools cut more thoroughly, have higher production efficiency, and have a longer service life; some blades are of poor quality, and high-strength continuous work will make the blades soften due to continuous friction and heat, and are easily deformed, resulting in unsatisfactory production results. At present, carbon steel is widely used, with relatively low production cost, good wear resistance, certain heat resistance, and high-strength continuous work.


      When buying a wood splitter, users should not only understand its workmanship, but also pay attention to the choice of tools. Only when manufacturers make good use of steel can users spend their money on the blade.


      The wood splitter blades of our factory are alloy, and the material of the wood splitter blade affects the overall efficiency. What are the raw materials on the market?


      General blade materials include tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, alloy tool steel, etc. When the wood hardness is high, the blades of the general wood splitter are prone to gouging. Once there is a gap, it can be said that half of it is scrapped. Therefore, some customers will say that the machine does not work, mainly because the blade material is not good, which affects the quality of the entire woodworking grinder.


      The blade material is the key to the quality of Petrol Log Splitter. The wood splitter produced by our factory adopts the blade made of alloy steel, which has good wear resistance and is not easy to scratch. For wood, it is generally sufficient to change the blade once every six months. Moreover, the crushed wood has very good properties, and the crushed sawdust exhibits very uniform and delicate characteristics.