Precautions For Rapid Splitter Operation

  • The structure and operating principle of Log Splitter are very simple, but some users will be careless when operating, which leads to many problems of different sizes. So how to prevent these errors from happening? Let's follow the editor to understand what are the precautions for its operation!
    1. When turning on the power of the Log Splitter, check whether the direction of rotation is correct.
    2. When installing and changing tools, the blade protrudes from the plane of the tool head and tighten the bolts. If the pressure bolt thread is found, it should be replaced immediately to avoid damage to the sliding cutting nut.
    3. To change the extension time length of the wood splitter blade, we must have the same length of the blade.
    4. By adjusting the length of the knife and unexpected particles, replace the label screen with different holes with different holes.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to put firewood with stones and nails on the wood splitter to avoid damage to the knife and internal parts.
    6. Please pay attention to check the hammer head bolts. If it is loose, tighten it immediately. If the hammer and bolts are severely worn, replace the hammer and bolts.
    7. Sharpen a straight line with an angle of 28-30°. It is strictly prohibited to grind into a convex surface. The convex surface will cause the steel blade to detach or partially expose the steel.
    8. Check whether the commonly used wood splitter lacks bearing grease. Butter should be added every 3-4 hours. It is not easy to add too much butter.
    To sum up, this is the introduction of this editor: about the introduction of some precautions during the operation of Rapid Splitter, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor.