Log Splitter Security Measures

  • Log Splitter can smash wood quickly, and its blades are also very sharp, so the staff must be careful when using them, especially the sharp blades. If they are not careful, they may scratch their hands. Be sure to use this equipment to smash wood. Take safety technical measures in advance to prevent forced shutdown due to accidents during use. So what safety technical measures need to be taken for this equipment?
       1. The fixed point of the turning wheel of the wood chip machine is not less than 9 meters away from the front, and the fixed point is located on the helper, and there is a special person to monitor in a safe place, and the front row of gangue can be operated in parallel with the drilling and roof support.
      2. All staff should pay attention to the operation of the rock loader's rake bucket and the wire rope, especially the wood chip machine operator's concentration, careful operation, close observation to prevent injury and damage to pipelines and equipment.
      3. When other personnel pass the operation area of ​​the wood chip machine, they must speak in advance, so that workers can cut off the power, stop the operation, and release the empty brakes before other people can enter again. Long stays are strictly prohibited.
       Therefore, we must pay attention to the relevant safety technical measures. When using the Performance Built Log Splitter, the staff need to concentrate their efforts, and other people should not approach during the construction process to prevent efficiency degradation. Only in strict accordance with the requirements can reduce the occurrence of danger.