How Does Petrol Log Splitter Process Wet Materials


    The appearance of Petrol Log Splitter turned the waste branches produced during the pruning period of fruit trees into biomass fuel, realizing recycling and protecting the environment. However, during the operation, many people have such a question whether this equipment can process wet materials ?
    Moisture content is an important factor affecting the performance of Petrol Log Splitter. Petrol Log Splitter with different principles has different requirements for material moisture content. Higher moisture content is not conducive to material processing. When the moisture content is below 6%, the processing effect is good. Water content has such a big impact on the work of Petrol Log Splitter, and it can be seen that it also has a very big impact on equipment output and performance.
    Under normal circumstances, the texture of the wood is fibrous when the wet wood is hit by the hammer during processing. Therefore, if there are fibers, the work of the hammer will be affected during processing. Such a Petrol Log Splitter works The efficiency will be a little lower. In this case, the output of the work will be much smaller. Compared with the use of dry wood, the fiber in the middle will be much less, so if the hammer and the blade hit the material, it will be very easy to be crushed Therefore, the wood can be crushed more finely, and the output requirement can be met.
      Most of the Petrol Log Splitter are processed by dry method, but some materials have higher water content and the processing is somewhat difficult when the humidity is slightly too high. However, for some materials with high humidity, they can be processed after drying. Choosing good wood and Petrol Log Splitter equipment is very critical.
    In summary, the Petrol Log Splitter of Log Splitter manufacturers should not be used to process wet materials as much as possible, because this will reduce the processing efficiency of the equipment and will damage some parts of the equipment. You can dry the wood before using it. Petrol Log Splitter for processing.