Detection Of Vibration Of Forest King Log Splitter 25 Ton

  • The forest king 22 ton log splitter will have many failures due to various reasons during its use. Therefore, all aspects of protection and testing should be done before starting the crusher, which can reduce the occurrence of many troublesome things and reduce the impact of the crusher. damage rate. Many users reported that their crusher will have a relatively large vibration before being forced to stop, and it will be damaged after abnormal operation for a while. So how does the crusher detect the vibration signal?
    1. When the blades of the crusher are entangled by impurities in the water, the impeller of the pump will rotate out of balance, which will cause the pump to vibrate violently. The piezoelectric vibration sensor is connected to the pump to detect the vibration of the submersible sewage pump in time, so as to understand the situation of the submersible sewage pump. Whether the sewage pump is operating normally. The sensor is composed of a spring, a mass piezoelectric sheet and a base, and the sensor base is rigidly fixed near the bearing between the submersible pump motor and the motor to feel the mechanical vibration of the pump.
    2. When the sensor is subjected to vibration, since the stiffness of the spring is quite large and the mass of the mass block is relatively small, it can be considered that the inertia of the mass is very small. Therefore, the mass block feels the same vibration as the sensor base and is affected by the direction of acceleration. The action of the opposite inertial force, in this way, the mass has an alternating force proportional to the acceleration acting on the piezoelectric element. Due to the piezoelectric effect of a piezoelectric element, alternating charges are generated on its two surfaces.
    3. In order to detect the information of the forest king log splitter 25 ton in real time, a temperature sensor, a vibration sensor, an oil-water probe and a float switch for water leakage detection are selected, and the monitoring and protection of the pump and motor are realized through the control circuit. It is also hoped that the majority of users can realize that during the operation of the submersible sewage pump, the detection signal of the working condition is the information carrier that reflects the normal or abnormal operation of the pump, and an appropriate detection method is an important condition for finding fault information.