Factors To Consider When Buying A Tea Packaging Machine

  • As tea drinkers become knowledgeable about blends and choices, they tend to look for a tea packaging machine. Such machines can vary greatly in cost and size. In fact, purchasing such equipment can be a challenge. This article offers some pointers that should help in your search for a quality tea package machine.

    When buying tea packaging machinery, it is important to make sure you invest in the best tea packing machine you can afford. A full automated unit is best for a small-scale tea business. For example, a full automatic tea packing machine would allow you to produce up to four thousand labels per hour with minimal supervision. A smaller scale manual unit could be purchased for less and still be capable of producing quality labels each time.

    Another consideration is the tea bag packaging machine's sealing temperature. While tea bags do not go bad over time, they do spoil over extended periods of time, especially when improperly sealed. The sealing temperature of your tea bag packaging machine will impact the packaging speed, which you want for your tea bags.

    In addition, the type of the inner bag (the sort you use when creating tea) needs to play a role in the sealing speed. An inner bag with a smooth inner surface tends to seal faster than a foil inner bag. The smoother inner surface allows more water vapor to escape from the bag during packaging, which results in a faster sealing process. Additionally, an inner bag with a rough outer surface can be more difficult to seal, so it is better to purchase a tea packing equipment that has a flat or textured outer surface.

    Some final considerations include the packaging speed of your tea bag packaging machine and its sealing temperature. A high-speed tea machine may help you save time on your packing job, but it also increases the risk of damage to your finished product. Meanwhile, a low-speed tea packing machine will save you time, but may decrease the quality of the finished product. You may opt to buy a tea machine with a sealed sealing temperature, since it ensures an even final texture.