Auto Parts Factory Introduces How To Design Aluminum Alloy Die


    What are the main points of Auto Parts Factory introducing aluminum alloy die casting mold design?

     1. The designed aluminum alloy die-casting mold should be consistent with the drawings; aluminum alloy die-casting parts produced by aluminum alloy die-casting molds, its dimensional accuracy, shape, structure, precision and various technical indicators after processing should meet the requirements of the customer's drawings. And determine the processing location, processing allowance and processing time of the process measures and positioning benchmarks.

    2. The mold design is simple, reasonable and reliable. The designed aluminum alloy die-casting mold should ensure production safety under the premise of ensuring the quality of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, and the production structure is simple, reasonable and reliable, and improves production efficiency.

    3. Parts processing, mold parts should be easy to process with CNC, milling machine, spark machine and other instruments to ensure the hardness and strength of the mold.

    4. Select qualified standard parts as required by the technical conditions of the pressing mold. Choose qualified standard parts.

    5. Select the appropriate die casting machine to determine the injection pressure, calculate the clamping force, estimate the opening distance, opening force and ejection force, and select the accessories and tools required for the die casting.

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