The application range of aluminum alloy is very wide

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    Aluminum alloy is an alloy based on aluminum and added a certain amount of other alloying elements, which is one of the light metal materials.

    An alloy based on aluminum with a certain amount of other alloying elements is one of the light metal materials. In addition to the general characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloys also have specific characteristics of alloys due to the different types and quantities of added alloying elements. The density of aluminum alloy is 2.63~2.85g/cm, high strength (σb is 110~650MPa), specific strength is close to high alloy steel, specific stiffness is higher than steel, good casting performance and plastic processing performance, good electrical conductivity , Thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, can be used as structural materials, and has a wide range of applications in aerospace, aviation, transportation, construction, electromechanical, light and daily necessities.

    Aluminum alloy has high specific strength, light weight, good fluidity, strong filling ability, good corrosion resistance, and low melting point. It is widely used in tractors, locomotive parts, electronic products, medical equipment, architectural decoration and other industries. Aluminum alloy has excellent ductility and is widely used in daily necessities and food industries. In the field of power transmission, wires made of aluminum alloy have low cost, light weight, good corrosion resistance, heat transfer, easy conduction, and wear resistance, so people are paying more and more attention. In the field of power transmission, aluminum alloy is used the most, and up to 90% of high-voltage wire materials are aluminum products [10]. Aluminum-silicon alloy can be used as a good deoxidizer to reduce the sensitivity of steel to produce subcutaneous bubbles, steel-making deoxidation improves the quality of steel, the market for aluminum-silicon alloy is large, and the national annual demand reaches one million tons.

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