Gunpowder Tea Wholesale Brewing Temperature Requirements

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       1. Too much tea, too much tea will be bitter
       Many tea lovers didn’t pay attention to or mastered the amount of tea! A 150CC pot had to be filled with a handful of raw pu-erh tea. Even the gods couldn’t make tea soup that was not astringent.
       There are also those who like to drink strong tea. Every time you make tea, you will put a lot of tea in the cup or tureen. This will not only make the tea making process inconvenient, but also increase the concentration and bitterness of the tea.
    Why is tea bitter and astringent
      2. Boil the water directly, it is bitter and astringent
      The water for making tea is generally boiled water, and the water temperature at this time is about 85°C. Boiling boiling water will destroy vitamin C and other ingredients, while caffeine and tea polyphenols are quickly leached, making the tea taste bitter; if the water temperature is too low, the tea leaves will float but not sink, and the active ingredients contained in the tea will not be soaked, and the tea soup will have a weak taste , Not fragrant, not mellow, bland and tasteless.
       Gunpowder Tea Wholesale The temperature of the tea brewing water is also related to the age, tightness, and size of the tea. The raw materials of black tea are moderate in age, so it can be brewed with boiling water at around 90°C.