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    After a good tea is stored, the price can be as high as one sip for a few flats. Who would not be tempted by this seemingly unearned value-added method? We have discussed in previous articles that it is easy to store tea at home, but it is still a few levels behind professional storage. Today, let’s talk about what needs to be done so that children and grandchildren can successfully inherit your Black Tea CTC, and the price can be sold as high as an antique.


    A temperature

    The storage temperature of Pu'er tea needs to be maintained at 25°C. This is conducive to the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and promotes the changes in the content of Pu'er tea and its quality transformation. Too low temperature will slow down the activity of microorganisms, and too high temperature will seriously reduce the aging. At the same time, the temperature should not change suddenly, otherwise it will make the tea soup taste bitter. From the perspective of storage, Pu'er is more delicate than us human beings.

    Two humidity

    Increasing humidity will make Pu'er tea age faster, but an overly humid environment will cause "mildew". When storing Pu'er tea, the humidity should be strictly controlled below 75%. The coastal areas need to pay attention to timely dehumidification to dissipate moisture. Inland, humidification is recommended to avoid slow conversion. Only by taking this degree can high-quality Pu'er tea be stored.

    How to store Pu'er tea professionally?

    Three light

    Pu'er tea cakes are not suitable for direct sunlight. Long-term sunlight will increase the temperature of the tea, reduce the humidity, and make the overall environment unstable. At the same time, ultraviolet rays will destroy the material structure of the tea itself, affect the subsequent transformation of tea products, and produce a "fat taste". Therefore, Pu'er tea has high requirements for protection from light.

    How to store Pu'er tea professionally?

    Four negative oxygen ions

    Negative oxygen ions have a significant impact on the contents of Pu'er tea in storage, which can increase the total sugar content and reduce the content of caffeine, which promotes the mellow taste of Pu'er tea, low bitterness and astringency, weakened astringency, and improved sweetness and smoothness. At the same time, negative oxygen ions have a significant effect on the aroma of Pu'er tea during storage. Under high concentration of negative oxygen ions, Pu'er tea has a high content of ester compounds, showing a fruity and aging fragrance. It is difficult for us to reasonably control this factor at home.

    How to store Pu'er tea professionally?

    Five environment

    Tea has strong adsorption due to its structure with many pores. In addition to the basic requirements of being clean and odor-free, it is also necessary to classify and store raw and cooked to make it evenly aged. In addition, the breeding of harmful microorganisms must be strictly avoided, and the environment for storing Pu'er tea is very demanding.

    How to save Xiang Cha professionally?
    In summary, the above-mentioned professional standards cannot be achieved in the family. Moreover, due to the different product quality and limited storage scale, it is difficult for us to obtain the same profit as the tea factory. At the same time, major institutions have made progress in micro-oxygen aging, ultra-high pressure aging, electromagnetic field aging, etc. It is very likely that Chen tea will no longer be scarce in the future, and the price will no longer be high. Therefore, we are better free from the trouble of storing tea and no longer invest more capital and energy. Drink as you want, there is no need to use the fantasy of appreciation to quench your thirst by looking at the plum.



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