The Harm Of Gunpowder Green Tea Factory To The Body

  • The ancients said that "light tea is the most nutritious to drink warmly". Drinking tea should not be too thick. Drinking strong tea is likely to cause 3 major harms to the human body.

    According to analysis, tea leaves contain 2%-5% caffeine, and strong tea contains even higher caffeine. A cup of strong tea contains about 100 mg of caffeine. Excessive caffeine can cause excessive nerve excitement and cause insomnia; it can also cause rapid heartbeat, which is not good for patients with coronary heart disease who suffer from tachycardia, premature beats and atrial fibrillation. .

    The effect of strong tea on the stomach
    The high concentration of caffeine and theophylline in strong tea increases the excitability of the central nervous system, which in turn can cause accelerated gastric motility, hypersecretion of gastric parietal cells, increased gastric acid, and increased irritation to the gastric mucosa, which can easily lead to gastric ulcers. Caffeine can also make people addicted and form a vicious circle.
    The effect of strong tea on nutrient absorption
    According to Zhenan Gunpowder Green Tea Factory, strong tea contains a lot of tannic acid. Tannic acid can be combined with protein, vitamin B1 and iron ions in food, so that these nutrients cannot be absorbed normally, which is easy to cause nutrient deficiency in the human body. Symptoms, such as anemia, constipation, etc. Studies have shown that drinking Chinese Green Tea can aggravate high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, nephritis, hepatitis and other conditions.