Identification Of Green Tea Factory Tea

  •    People often say that drinking tea needs to be new and drinking wine needs to be old. This makes a certain sense. The tea has been stored for a long time. Due to the action of moisture, oxygen and light in the air, the phenols, esters, acids and vitamins in the tea are destroyed or degenerated to form oxides, which will darken the color of the tea. The aroma is dull, the tea soup is turbid and yellow, and the leaves are loose, which reduces the quality of the tea. So, how does Zhenan Green Tea Factory distinguish between new tea and old tea?

      First of all, it is possible to distinguish between old tea and new tea based on the color of the tea leaves. Green tea is green and green in color, and the soup is bright yellow and green; black tea is dark in color, and the soup is bright red and orange, which is the symbol of new tea. During the storage of tea, due to some substances that make up the color of tea, under the action of light, gas, and heat, slow synthesis or oxidation occurs. For example, the synthesis and oxidation of chlorophyll in green tea will make the color of green tea dull and dull. , And the increase in theafuscin will make the green tea soup color become yellowish brown, and lose the original novel color; when black tea is stored for a long time, the tea polyphenols in the tea will undergo oxidative condensation, which will make the color darker. The increase of thea brown pigment will also make the soup color cloudy and unclear, and will also lose the freshness of the new black tea.

      Secondly, new tea and old tea can be distinguished from the aroma. Scientific analysis shows that there are more than 300 ingredients that make up the aroma of tea, mainly alcohols, esters, aldehydes and other substances. They not only volatilize from time to time during tea storage, but also oxidize slowly. Therefore, as time goes by, the aroma of tea leaves will change from high to low, and the aroma will change from the delicate fragrance of new tea to low and turbid.

       Third, you can also distinguish between new tea and old tea from the taste of Gunpowder Green Tea. During the storage process, the phenolic compounds, amino acids, vitamins and other flavoring substances in the tea are synthesized and volatilized, and some are condensed into water-insoluble substances, thereby reducing the effective flavoring substances soluble in the tea soup. Therefore, no matter what kind of tea, the taste of most new tea is mellow and refreshing, while the taste of old tea is light and unpleasant.