Introduction To Drinking Tea At Green Tea Factory

  • How to preserve Gunpowder Green Tea:
    1. The easiest way to store in the refrigerator: Put the tea in a dry, odor-free, and sealable container and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. If the amount of tea is small and very dry, it can also be packaged and sealed in a two-layer film bag with good moisture-proof performance and placed in the refrigerator.
    2. The most common storage method in iron cans: Put the tea leaves into iron tea cans with double lids. It is best to fill them up without leaving any gaps, so that there is less air in the can. The double-layer lid must be tightly closed, the gaps in the lid shall be glued with tape, and the tea can shall be put into a two-layer nylon bag, and the bag mouth shall be sealed to achieve the best storage effect.
    3. The most convenient storage method for composite film bags: put the tea into the composite bag, squeeze out the air in the bag, seal the bag with a sealer, put on the plastic bag, tie the bag tightly, and place it in the lower compartment of the refrigerator refrigeration.
    4. The most practical thermos storage method: put tea leaves into a dry thermos, cover the cork, seal it with white wax, and then seal it with tape.
    In addition, what we want to do is that the water content of tea leaves during preservation: green tea cannot exceed 5%, and black tea cannot exceed 7%. We can fry or dry the tea first, and then store it; the tea also needs to be protected from light and insulated, so there are certain requirements for the storage environment.
    Matters needing attention when drinking tea:
    It is necessary to have a certain degree when drinking tea. If the body absorbs too much tea in a day, it will also affect health. Generally, healthy adults have the habit of drinking tea at ordinary times. Drinking between 6 grams and 10 grams of tea a day is the most suitable for two to three times of brewing. For people who have a lot of physical work, consume a lot of energy, and eat a lot, especially in high temperature environments, or people who are exposed to a lot of toxic substances, it is also possible to drink about 20 grams of tea a day. People who eat a lot of greasy food and drink a lot of alcohol can also increase the amount of tea. It is worth noting that the tea consumption of pregnant women and children should be appropriately reduced.
    Should you drink cold tea or hot tea? In fact, drinking hot tea cools down quickly, and it can make people’s ears and eyes clear and refreshing. Experiments show that when drinking hot tea, sweating can significantly reduce the surface temperature of human skin within a few minutes, greatly improving the feeling of thirst; while drinking herbal tea, skin temperature changes are not obvious. Therefore, in the hot summer, Green Tea Factory believes that drinking hot tea is better to quench your thirst.