Green Tea Factory's Five Major Product Storage Skills

  •    Don’t know how to store green tea correctly? Today you can gain knowledge. ZHENAN Green Tea Factory shares five tips for the correct storage of green tea. They are simple and practical. They can be stored for a long time without deteriorating or odorless.


    Tips for correct storage of green tea 1. Do not put green tea in a humid environment. Green tea is porous and has a strong hygroscopicity. Therefore, green tea should not be placed in a humid environment, and the relative humidity of green tea should be 60%. It is just right in the surrounding environment.


    Tips for correct storage of green tea 2. Do not put green tea in a high temperature environment. Green tea is suitable for an environment with a temperature of about 0 to 5 degrees. Once the green tea is placed at a temperature higher than 5 degrees, it will easily deteriorate, especially not. Put the green tea in direct sunlight.

       Tips for the correct storage of green tea 3. The chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin c, etc. in green tea will undergo qualitative changes with the air, so do not let the green tea get oxidized if it is exposed to oxygen. The oxidized green tea will have bad conditions such as the tea soup turning red, darkening, etc., and its nutritional value will also be reduced.


       Tips for correct storage of green tea 4. Do not put green tea with other foods. Foods will have their own taste. Green tea has strong adsorption properties. It is easy to absorb the taste of food when placed with food, which will cause the green tea to smell and affect the taste.


       Tips for storing Gunpowder Green Tea correctly 5. Green tea is more suitable to be stored in the refrigerator. If it is unopened tea, it must be stored in the refrigerator, so as to ensure that the tea can be stored longer. The tea leaves stored in the refrigerator must be sealed, and the green tea must be consumed within a short time after opening.