How Does Gunpowder Tea Deal With Fierce Competition?


       Recently, a friend told me that I read the semi-annual report of the listed Chinese Green Tea Factory, and felt that tea is really hopeless because it is really not profitable! Is that right? The author thinks that it is not a big one. In fact, after staying in the tea industry for a long time, you will find that big companies do not make money, but a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises live very well. Especially after the epidemic, everyone generally feels that there are 3 outlets in the tea industry that deserve attention in recent years.

       Outlet 1: Collection
       In recent years, many people in the tea industry have been talking about "tea is for drinking, not for frying"! This sentence just shows that with the popularity of collection channels in recent years, the tea products that can be invested and collected, represented by Pu'er tea, are becoming more and more popular. Of course, the "collection craze" is not only in the tea industry, but also in the wine industry, which is highly similar to the tea industry! Whether it is the collection ceremony of some wine companies or the collection of some old wines by some folk collectors, it is a concentrated expression of collecting enthusiasm. Some teas naturally have properties that are conducive to collection, and are more likely to become explosives in terms of collection.
       A lot of data show that the stock of tea that can be stored is very large recently, and many owners who store tea are also "unable to eat". However, no matter how everyone evaluates it, this just shows that tea collection is a hot spot.
       Many people say that the introduction of the concept of collection has caused the high inventory of the tea industry, which is not conducive to the development of the tea industry! Regarding this problem, the author is that the problem may lie in the channel construction, rather than in the upstream links. Tobacco, alcohol and tea are not separated. Take Moutai in the wine industry as an example. Although the price of Moutai has been rising, it is still in short supply. Many tea products are similar in attributes to alcoholic products represented by Moutai. They are suitable for collection and have drinking value. Unlike alcohol products such as Moutai, tea companies need to further strengthen their efforts to cultivate consumers.
       Of course, we also have reason to believe that not all tea companies that engage in collections can succeed. Collection is the outlet, but not everyone can stand on it. Enterprises standing on the outlet of collection must be companies with multiple advantages such as production areas, brands, and channels.
       Outlet 2: Gifts
       We are in a "human relationship society", many times we need "reciprocity", and gifts are needed in the process. In the past few years, the wine culture prevailed, and wine became a necessary product for visiting relatives and friends. With the influence of people's pursuit of health and policies in recent years, the trend of drinking is changing from booze to the concept of "drink less and better" Change, which also makes some relatively high-end and brand-powered products gradually prevail. Of course, driven by this concept, tea products with more health-care effects have become a better choice for gifts, and tea gifts are becoming a trend.
       Not everyone can stand up to the air outlet. To become a gift channel requires at least the following elements:
       1. Brand power. For tea brands, it is difficult to become a nationally well-known brand at the current stage, but it is necessary to have a good name and conduct certain publicity in the channels to let the channels know that their products have a certain brand power. Recently, I have communicated with many tea companies. Many companies like to participate in the tea expo. To a large extent, they can also make their companies more famous. In recent years, the wine channel has become a hot channel, and many wine merchants have begun to pay attention to tea products. Compared with the traditional tea channel, the wine channel has a certain number and customer advantages and is worthy of attention by tea enterprises.
       2. Product power. "Not all tea products are suitable as gifts!" This is a sentence a friend said when communicating with the author recently. In theory, tea naturally has the attribute of becoming a gift. It can be said that tea can become a gift naturally, but the gift chosen by consumers is not necessarily tea, and even tea is not necessarily your tea. For tea to become a gift, it must first be packaged in conformity with the gift, neither too big nor too small, and at the same time it should be taken out to "have face". Of course, the price should also be reasonable and occupy a suitable price band. For example, recent investigations conducted by Chinese and foreign tea merchants found that in many retail stores around 200 tea products are very good sellers, because around 200 are the mainstream gift-giving products in most regions.
       3. Channel power. In recent years, wine companies have attached great importance to channels because the randomness of alcohol consumption is very strong. For wine companies, the stronger the channel control, the higher the sales volume. For the tea industry, channel construction is equally important. For example, during a market visit in Huangshan, Anhui, the author discovered an interesting phenomenon. The counters and specialty stores of some tea enterprises in Anhui opened to the main tourist attractions and high-speed railway stations in Huangshan. According to the author’s investigation, the products of these tea enterprises Generally speaking, sales are relatively high in the local area, and consumers' brand recognition is generally very high.
    In recent years, the Huatang Tea Industry Research Center is focusing on promoting the integration of wine and tea and guiding more wine merchants to enter the tea industry. It is believed that with the deepening of the channel construction of wine and tea integration, more and more wine distributors will bring With more and more consumers, the wine channel will also become another channel for the rapid development of the tea industry.

       Outlet Three: Derivative Industries
       Many people think that the third outlet should be daily drinking, but the author has different opinions. Many friends are studying how to cultivate tea consumers and increase their consumption frequency. Can this approach increase sales? Of course it can, but it will definitely not exceed the growth rate of the tea plantation area! Looking through the news casually, you will find that in recent years, the area of ​​tea gardens in various places has been increasing rapidly, which has led to a "supply exceeding demand" to a great extent, and some product markets without brands or relatively poor quality will be more affected. It is believed that in recent years, the derivative industries and derivative products surrounding
    Gunpowder Tea, including tea machinery and deep processing of tea products, will have a spurt of development driven by industrial policies and a large amount of market demand.