The Efficacy Of China Green Tea

  • Efficacy of China Green Tea

    Green tea tastes slightly bitter, slightly sweet and cold in nature. It has the effects of clearing heat, relieving heat, clearing the heart, nourishing yin, promoting fluids, quenching thirst, relieving diarrhea, relieving diarrhea, and treating sores. It has a good health care value for summer restlessness, restlessness, restless sleep and other discomforts. . At the same time, it can also treat summer heat, diarrhea, diarrhea, sores, swelling, swelling, heat and pain caused by summer heat and dampness. Therefore, green tea is most suitable for drinking in summer. In addition, studies have shown that tea, especially green tea, has a better anti-radiation effect. According to reports, drinking two cups of green tea a day can effectively help computer people resist computer radiation.

    How to drink green tea

    The drinking method of green tea should be a glass teacup, with boiling water at around 80℃~85℃, and it can be drunk without having to cover the lid. Use glass tea cups to observe tea leaves and tea soup. For example, drinking Longjing tea, soaking Longjing tea with boiling water, slowly unfolds like an orchid; drinking Biluochun tea, first pour the water, and then put the tea, when the tea leaves, Biluochun tea can slowly sink like a cloud. . Observing the changes of tea leaves and experiencing the refreshing realm of green tea leaves and green tea infusions can make people feel calm and calm. Brewing tea with boiling water at around 80℃~85℃ can maintain the color of green tea soup and preserve the vitamins in the tea. It is not necessary to cover the lid when brewing green tea, so as not to produce heat and stuffiness and affect the freshness of the tea soup.

    Gunpowder Green Tea should be flexible

    In spring, summer is hot, autumn is cool, and winter is cold, people's choice of drinking tea in the four seasons will also be arranged dialectically and flexibly. In the spring and summer, the yang qi develops, and the human stomach is weak and cold, and the green tea tastes bitter and cold. If excessive drinking of green tea, coupled with too long in an air-conditioned environment, it is easy to cause moderate cold and hurt the spleen and stomach. In autumn and winter, the body's yang energy is stored in the interior, which is manifested as the yang energy in the interior, especially in the heated room for a long time. The hotness is more intense, and the black tea is sweet and warm in nature. If excessive drinking, it is easy to endogenous phlegm and accumulate heat. Therefore, tea in summer should be mainly green tea, and black tea at the same time, it can not only clear away heat and heat, but also warm the stomach and invigorate the spleen. Drinking tea in winter should be mainly black tea and green tea, which can not only warm the sun and dispel cold but also clear away dryness and heat.