Requirements For China Green Tea

  • The water for China Green Tea should be clean and tasteless, the pH should be 5.5-7, and the hardness should be less than 10 degrees.

    There are many types of water, spring water is the best, followed by pure water, etc.; the hardness of water is preferably soft water, hard water has more minerals, such as the water contains more iron, the tea soup becomes dark or brown, and the water contains calcium Too much not only darkens the tea soup, but also tastes bitter. The hardness of water affects the pH of the water. Tea soup is very sensitive to pH, especially alkaline water, catechins will automatically oxidize, making the tea soup darker, darker, or even reddish brown.

    It is indeed wonderful to taste the first cup of tea in spring and feel the breath of spring in a teacup. After reading the introduction of Zhenan China Tea Suppliers, are you clear about the characteristics and related knowledge of spring tea?