Wokring Principle of NBLIDA 5/2 Way Pneumatic Valve

  • 5/2 Way Pneumatic Valve and 5/3 solenoid valves are most often used as directional control valves for double-acting pneumatic actuators. The single-coil type of 5/2 valve usually has a spring or pilot air return so that when de-energised, the valve returns to it's starting function. Dual coil valves do not have this return facility and require the second coil to be energised to return the valve to the start position. 5/3 valves have 2 coils and if neither is energised, the default state it returns to in the centre position can either be all ports blocked, all ports open or pressure applied in that the inlet pressure is connected to both outlet ports. Manual reset valves require operator intervention in order for the valve to maintain the energised position.

    Working principle of 5/2-way pneumatic double solenoid valve

    Power on the positive-action coil of the double solenoid valve, and the positive-action gas circuit will be connected with the power (or the positive-action outlet has the gas flow). Even if the positive-action coil is disconnected with power, the gas circuit is still connected with the power and remains until electrification of the reverse-action solenoid valve.

    If the reverse-action coil is powered on, the reverse-action gas circuit is connected with power (or the reverse-action outlet has the gas flow). Even if the reverse-action coil is disconnected with power, the reverse-action gas circuit is connected with the power, which will remain until electrification of the positive-action coil. This is similar to "self-locking".

    Based on the above characteristic of the two-position and five-port solenoid valve, during design of the electromechanical control circuit or compilation of PLC, the solenoid valve coil can move for one to two seconds. This can effectively protect the solenoid valve coil from being easily damaged.

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