Installing Places of Outdoor Security Lighting Are Introduced B

  • At Haas and Sons, China Outdoor Lamps Manufacturers recommends that all outdoor security lighting be placed in all the high-risk areas of your home. What does that include? It varies for

    each property and customer, but it’s a good rule of thumb to place lighting on each side of your house. We recently heard a story of a gentleman who thought he only needed lighting on the front of his house, as that’s where he experienced the most traffic. Lo and behold, not even a few months later he was burglarized from a rear-facing window. While his intentions were noble, he left himself open to exploit by not installing his system on each side of the property. In his situation, the burglar saw the lighting on the front of the house, determined it was too risky and looked for a new entry spot, which happened to be this homeowner’s pitch black backyard. Lesson learned, but the damage was already done. It’s because of stories like this that we tell each customer to at least consider a full package for their home that shines light on:

    Each exterior doorway no matter what side of the house it’s on.
    Purchasing motion sensor porch lights to flank your door is a great option.
    All ground level windows.
    Gates to your side and back yards.
    Driveway, particularly if you park your vehicles out there.
    Bonus tip: Don’t leave your garage door openers in your vehicle if you leave them out overnight and are away from home, as a burglar can break your car’s window and access your home from the clicker with ease.

    Lastly, some of our customers also have us install lighting on the perimeter of their backyards, which depending on your home’s location, could be a great option. For those that live around nature (dense shrubs, trees, ravines, etc.), having lights further out can alert you to when something enters your property, as opposed to when they’re already at the door. As an example, if you have livestock or outdoor pets, this could be advantageous for your alertness. We have even installed sensors at the base of the driveway to trigger ground lights to illuminate the driveway and walkway when you return home in the dark.

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