An Introduction of Important Points of Floodlight With Stand

  • Floodlight With Stand have come a long way in the past couple of years with LED technology. When LED's were first introduced they were very useful and good for lower brightness, products like globes or LED strip lights achieved this. This was because they were not as efficient as they are now. If the manufacturer turned the brightness up on the LED's they simply would burn out. I know first hand that manufacturers lost a lot of money in testing the early developments of LED flood lights because they would burn out within a year. Rest assured, they now perform more efficiently and last considerably longer. In this blog I will run through which LED flood lights to purchase and which specs to look out for before buying.
    LED Chips - As discussed earlier with the LED chips, I can easily say SMD LED flood lights last much longer then COB LED flood lights. The difference is SMD uses many little LED chips rather then one big LED chips, as you can see in the image below, running SMD chips means that they can operate at much lower temperature which avoids burning out the LED flood light.
    LED Floodlights Security Lighting Wall Mount LED Sensor floodlighting
    Wattage - It is very important to get right the brightness and coverage for the application. Each flood light is different, with some running more efficiently than others. With most LED products you should work off the lumens and not the wattage. LED flood lights can jump large amounts each wattage, so they will roughly all the do the same job. A rough guide to work off would be the following:
    10 x 10 meter area - 10w LED Flood light
    20 x 20 meter area - 30w LED Flood light
    30 x 30 meter area - 50w LED Flood light
    50 x 50 meter area - 100w LED Flood light
    100 x 100 meter area - 200w + Flood lights

    Beam Angle - Now this point is more just a consideration for you to make, as almost all LED flood lighting has a wide beam angle of 180°. We have had many customers say there flood light turned out much brighter than expected and lights up the neighbours backyards which may not be wanted. Try and install the flood light in a central spot of the building or using two smaller LED flood lights on either side. The higher up the LED floodlight is installed, the more the beam angle will be increased.

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