Outdoor Lighting Uses Led Lights

  • We are a led work light manufacturer. Here we will talk about the main functions of LED lights and related introductions. The LED lamp is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is cured on the bracket with silver glue or white glue, and then connects the chip and the circuit board with silver or gold wire, and is sealed with epoxy resin to protect the inner core wire. Function, finally install the shell, so the LED lamp has good seismic performance.

    LED light function

    1. Used as a household lamp. Many LED lamps can replace spiral-type hot-lamps or energy-saving bulbs, ranging from 5-40 watts, low-power thermal lamps, to 60 watts. Some lamps can even replace higher-power bulbs. For example, a 13-watt bulb has the same luminosity as a 100-watt incandescent lamp. LED bulbs are also available in different colors, but the electricity and maintenance costs are lower.
    2. White LED bulbs are highly efficient and have a leading position in low power consumption markets, such as flashlights, solar garden lights, pedestrian street lights, bicycle lights, etc. Monochrome LED lights are often used to make traffic lights and festive lighting.

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