What Are The Characteristics Of Outdoor Lighting

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures are produced by outdoor lighting manufacturers and are used in outdoor lighting, such as parks, squares, on both sides of roads, and outdoor advertising lights.

    Outdoor lighting fixtures mainly include: lawn lights, courtyard lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, underwater lights, street lights, wall wash lights, landscape lights, underground lights, etc.

    Lamp description: The frame of the lamp panel is made of high-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, and the sealing plate is made of aluminum. Fastener bolts and nuts are stainless steel.

    Special note: the lamp body must be safely grounded during installation

    Outdoor lighting features:

    Compared with home lighting, outdoor lighting has the characteristics of high power, strong brightness, large volume, long service life, and low maintenance cost.

    Take street lights as an example:

    Suitable places: highways, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public leisure squares, etc.

    Features: Beautiful appearance, strong decoration, large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light source, uniform lighting, low glare, easy to control and maintain.

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