Let The Decorative Lamps Illuminate Our Night Road

  •   The most common places for outdoor lights are residential communities, villas, parks, courtyards, botanical gardens, and other places. Play the role of general lighting, landscape effects, and decoration to create a warm and comfortable living space.

      There are many types of outdoor lights, such as wall lights, lawn lights, column headlights, decorative lights, water landscape lights, etc. How should we choose?

    1. Wall lamp: The wall lamp can embellish the courtyard scenery. It can not only provide necessary lighting at night but also decorate the wall with a beautiful and bright style. Generally installed on the external wall, the wall lamp is best to choose LED, which can greatly reduce the cost.

    2. Lawn lamp: It has the function of walking lighting, which can beautify the decorative effect. Choose soft lighting according to the installation environment. You can choose a lawn lamp with a matte texture to effectively prevent glare. At the same time, it is simple to operate and easy to install. Installed on both sides of courtyard roads, corners, or lawns, it can also play the role of anti-theft.

    3. Stigma light: a guiding light to lead home. A strong sense of decoration, strong practicability, diverse styles, and unique designs make the door look better. For this kind of lamp, solar energy can be selected, which will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. You can also adjust the time. Generally, they are installed on the outer wall or beside the swimming pool.

    4. Decorative lights: lights that add fun and beauty to the courtyard, making the courtyard look more warm and romantic. It will look good wherever it is installed, and where it will look good, it can be in line with the style of the courtyard. It is an indispensable light for decorating life.

    5. Water landscape light: The light irradiation makes the water view more agile and enjoys a better viewing experience. Enjoy the panoramic view of the courtyard, which is poetic. It is generally installed in a pool or where there is water.

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