WHAT IS A aluminum stage barrier?


    WHAT IS A aluminum stage barrier?

    Aluminum stage barrier is the perfect tool to maintain crowd security and safety. It is ideal for stages, delays, aluminum stage barrier, high-density crowd splits, golden circles, and all manner of crowd management systems. The high-quality aluminum stage barrier are suitable for large events with high crowd loading.

    Our aluminum stage barrier offers a wide range of application possibilities. You can professionally block off stages, FOHs, delay towers, and separate event areas, such as VIP areas. You can also create safe access routes for the security staff and emergency services.

    The high-quality aluminum stage barrier, reinforced on the rear with diagonally running struts, are suitable for large events with high personal pressure. You can use these for breakwaters at festivals and in stadiums or for stabilizing the aluminum stage barrier. The solid aluminum stage barrier elements protect spectators, stars, and event staff alike.

    A GIGS Back Step on the back of the aluminum stage barrier allows employees to keep an eye on the event guests and intervene immediately. We provide additional protection by our GIGS High Fences. These fences are made of impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate, which is simply attached to the aluminum stage barrier.



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