Elevator outage brings a lot of inconvenience to residents' dai


    Not long ago, the existing four elevators in the community could not continue to be used due to incomplete information about the use registration certificate, the emergency rescue could not be carried out normally, and the accessories were aging and could not be purchased. At the end of April, the property stopped the elevator after informing the owner in advance, which brought a lot of inconvenience to residents' daily life.

    With the owner's consent, we are about to enter the charging stage through door-to-door and WeChat. At the third consultation meeting held on the same day, matters needing attention before elevator installation and construction were discussed, and countermeasures and suggestions were put forward around many problems in the process of installing elevators, so as to gather the consensus of all parties and provide assistance for elevator installation in old communities.

    After listening to the exchange reports made by property companies, street property management offices, some owners' representatives and ladder enterprises from their respective perspectives, the leaders and CPPCC members attending the meeting responded in time and put forward opinions and suggestions.

    Elevator installation is a warm-hearted project that really benefits the people and the people. In the installation process, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the living conditions of special groups such as the elderly, children and disabled families in wheelchairs, and add horizontal floor selection buttons.

    At the same time, in the process of consultation, all parties are humble in the face of interests, and gather the greatest consensus, find the greatest common denominator and form the greatest driving force.

    The process involved in installing elevators is very complicated, from project establishment, planning approval, housing safety certification, construction permit, quality and technical supervision, completion acceptance, and then to the cost distribution of installing elevators for residents, all the work should be clearly understood, and publicity should be strengthened to make every owner understand clearly.

    After intense discussion, according to the actual situation and needs of residents, we reached a consensus on the operation mode, fund sharing scheme, management mode, construction period and other issues of residential elevators.

    The representative of the community owner said happily: "There are too many conveniences for installing elevators, but our owners were not clear about the installation details and procedures before, which led to the disagreement of everyone for a long time. Now, through this negotiation, let us discuss things that involve our vital interests clearly, so that I really feel the taste of being the master."

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