Players can choose race characters in Final Fantasy XIV

  • Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of fascinating cultures and races, players can explore the fantasy world of Eorzea through the game. However, because there are many races to be depicted in this game, it is sometimes difficult for players to decide which one their FFXIV Gil should be. Below we will show some of the racial characters of Final Fantasy XIV.

    When players create characters, they have seven races to choose from: Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Lalafell, Roegadyn, Viera and Hrothgar. Each race is divided into two variants, which have their own characteristics and appearance characteristics, while their corresponding races do not. Although each race has different basic data, they are very small and will not affect the character's performance in battle or production.

    Unlike other MMOs, the race of Final Fantasy XIV has no racial abilities. Hyur is the human version of Final Fantasy XIV. They are the most populous race in Eorzea, and they are also the most diverse in terms of skills and personalities. Although this leads to a lack of a unified cultural identity among Hyur people, they do have a common goal, which is to Buy FFXIV Gil for their compatriots.

    Elezen is similar to a typical medieval fantasy elf, with pointed ears, a tall and slender physique, and an extremely long life span. Once Elezen was the only inhabitant of Eorzea, but over time, more and more races migrated to the continent where Elezen was not friendly at first, thinking that they were invaders. After the initial fierce conflict and negotiation with Hyur, Elezen finally opened up to coexist with other races to improve everyone. The above are just two of the seven races of Final Fantasy XIV. I will continue to update the remaining race characters later!