You should learn to manage your attributes in New World

  • In the early stage of the game, if you want to check what you need to stick to and try different weapons, you can choose to use Constitution instead of damage statistics. It allows you to change weapons or equipment without reconfiguration, and can make you more likely to survive in the early PvE and PvP encounters.

    If you decide which weapons to use, you should check which statistics overlap. You should allow this attribute to benefit both weapons in terms of increased damage attributes, otherwise it is just an attribute privilege that is beneficial to one or both weapons.

    The core attributes of your character will be displayed in the lower left corner of the inventory screen. The rewards for your equipment and gains are reflected by those New World Coins green numbers.

    If you choose to increase a single statistic to the absolute maximum, it will lead to diminishing returns, which is extremely unwise. Although it usually comes at the expense of the other party, it will also cause you more damage or health. Even if it is more than 300 points, because there is no additional allowance, it also makes the benefits of it less pitiful.

    If you are a player focusing on PvP, in addition to the main damage statistics, it is very good to set the secondary statistics to Constitution. In PvE, when you have Cheap New World Coins two weapons with statistics, this method allows you to avoid gaining less health and increasing damage.

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