Polishing mechanism is introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horiz

  • In the Happy Home Paradise DLC of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an item polishing mechanism was introduced, allowing players to add a way to add luster to their furniture.

    First of all, you must own the Happy Home Paradise DLC from Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that you can use this new polishing tool. After you decorate the four houses, you can unlock the basic version of the polish, and then you can use this polish to add glitter to the items in your Animal Crossing Items house and the house designed for the client.

    If you help 12 customers in Happy Home Paradise, you will be able to learn additional touch-up effects from the cute monkey friend Niko, and you will get 14 presets with different appearances and behaviors. The sparkleblast, the polishing effect that appeared at the beginning, will cause a series of small stars to be produced from the object being polished. Pitterpat can make your items continuously produce rising little hearts. Steamshine can add smoke to your items, so it is very suitable for hot tubs and grills.

    The default settings are very simple, if you want to apply your own custom mode, then you need to unlock all 14 presets. For example: the flutterflap polishing effect can Buy Animal Crossing Items produce flying butterflies around the polished object. Rosie Maple Moth comes from a custom design by artist Rachel Briggs. When he applied it to flutterflap, this effect changed dramatically.

    The emergence of the polishing mechanism has expanded the imagination of players, and it can take players' creations to a new level. If you have a variety of Animal Crossing Items, you will be able to better apply this polishing mechanism to the items. If you want to find these Animal Crossing Items, in addition to getting them in the game, you can also get them by placing an order at MMOWTS. These methods are very helpful for your design.