The problem that caused a large number of New World players to

  • In a recent report, only 8% of New World players have reached the upper limit of the game level. Although these numbers do not mean that New World has serious problems, it can be shown from the side that New World has begun to lose players and has lost quite a lot of active players up to now. So why does it cause this phenomenon?

    New World’s Leveling Process is Incredibly Slow

    In New World, if you want to upgrade quickly, it is New World Coins completely impossible, and it will be slower than some other modern MMOs. In fact, if the player doesn't like the orderliness of a game, they will make a firm decision to stop playing the game. The same is true for those who want to reach level 60 as quickly as possible and burn themselves out soon.

    For those who like the rhythm of New World, they may continue to choose this slower style, but they may not have excessive expectations of reaching the upper limit of the level. Therefore, the idea of ​​"no rush" may also be a factor in this endgame problem.

    New World’s Economy Is a Mess

    Although New World has tried its best to make changes Cheap New World Coins and guarantees in this regard, so far, the economy in the game is still very chaotic.

    Since New World has encountered a rather unique deflation problem, players find that many of their products are essentially worthless, and it is better to sit on your coins a little boringly, rather than spend it on many game products superior. Although this situation is improving, it is still not very interesting for now.

    In fact, some hard-core players have been lost due to economic problems, and new players are also discouraged by the difficult economic prospects of this game. They also show from the side that they are more afraid of entering the endgame of that game.

    For the moment, New World is a very popular game, which can bring players a different combat experience. In this game, New World Coins is a very important thing, which can help players get the items they need and upgrades of various characters and equipment. And NewWorldCoins is the largest supplier of New World Coins on the Internet, and the price is affordable. If you need it, you can go there!

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