The Ultimate of The Builder Tree is not satisfactory in New Wor

  • There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and the method of use are different. Today, I will introduce you the gameplay and functions of New World Coins the Builder Tree.

    The Builder Tree is almost entirely focused on Utility. Although this Utility can cause good damage, its damage is not very high, and even this can help cause more damage. Ice Pylon, Ice Shower and Entomb are the three skills of the Builder Tree.

    Ice Pylon can cause very good damage to the enemy within a certain range, and this damage is half of the total damage of the weapon. Ice Shower is applied to Frostbite and can create an ice cold shower in the area in front of you. Frostbite can hold the enemy, and after the end of the hold, continue to apply a 50% slowing effect, so its debuff effect is very powerful. Entomb can wrap itself in ice to block damage, which is a defensive skill. This skill can be cancelled freely, and it can also be used to pay an extra fee to cause damage to the enemy while repelling them.

    Usually in PvP, Ice Pylon has a distracting effect, or it is a way to use it to put pressure on your opponent under the premise that you can't continue to cause damage by Buy New World Coins other means. It is a very good skill in PvE, which can cause very objective damage in team games and single player games. So Ice Pylon is a PvP tool. Although Frostbite can be used naturally, it cannot be 100% guaranteed to be used in PvE. In both PvE and PvP, Entomb is very practical and harmful. It can allow you to reverse the trend of 1v1 and prevent you from being counterattacked due to a large amount of damage output; or to prevent you from becoming outnumbered in PvE by giving some breathing space to restore other cooldowns.

    Ultimate Frost is the Ultimate of Builder Tree, and increases the frosted area radius of the ice tower to 5 meters by attaching it to the Ice Pylon skill, and at the same time doubles your health. In this area, the passive effects of the Quick Frost and Empowered Frost are doubled. In other words, there will be 6 mana regeneration and 20% haste when casting a spell. However, this passive is very bad, because it provides very little gain, and it costs an extra 2 points to benefit from this passive.

    Although the Ultimate of the Builder Tree plays an unsatisfactory role in the game, you still need to rely on other trees to increase the effects of your weapons. Among them, there are a lot of New World Coins. If you don’t have enough New World Coins, you can pay attention to Newworldcoins, where players are provided with a lot of discounted New World Coins.