Genshin Impact is Aloy's ideal world

  • There should be Aloy in the world where Genshin Impact cooperates and exists. It is what I hope to see her thrive in Teyvat, where she is kinder to her than her own planet, and she is still a great role.

    In the Gacha game on September 1, Genshin Impact 2.1 undergoes a Genshin Account major update, and the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn was also announced at the same time. When your adventure level reaches 20, players can claim him through in-game messages on the PlayStation console. Those who play on PC or mobile devices need to be able to claim it after the 2.2 version update.

    Both Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn attach great importance to the exploration of the unnatural world, and they both take place in a world shaped by gods. But as a ruthless and cruel place, Horizon Zero Dawn is very repulsive to outsiders like Aloy. In the world of Genshin Impact, Teyvat will accept Genshin Impact Accounts those outsiders, and those who are too weak to protect themselves will be protected by the soldiers of every country there. If Aloy is to survive in her own world, she must maintain physical and mental strength at all times. But in Genshin Impact, it’s the opposite

    As a new five-star character of Genshin Impact, Aloy is loved by a wide range of players, but because she is available for free, her abilities may not be as powerful as those five-star characters that need to be drawn through card packs. Therefore, it is not enough for players to have her alone, and other five-star characters are also needed for matching. Then you can follow MMOWTS, here are the things you want, you only need to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts to get other five-star characters.